N.T. Wright on the authority of scripture and tradition

To affirm ‘the authority of scripture’ is precisely not to say, ‘we know what scripture means and don’t need to raise any more questions.’ It is always a way of saying that the church in each generation must make fresh and rejuvinated efforts to understand scripture more fully and live by it more thoroughly, even if that means cutting accross cherished traditions.

This applies not least when the traditions in question refer to themselves as ‘biblical’.

N.T. Wright, Scripture and the Authority of God. London: SPCK, 2005. 67-68

Interpretive and theological traditions—even those with a long and distinguished pedigree—do not have the final say when it comes to the meaning of Scripture. This must be sought again and again in the company and wise counsel of traditions, not in competition for allegience or truth, but in the honest persuit of the reality of God.