Here I will upload some essays for your reading pleasure. I hope these can be thought provoking if not instructive. Comments are enabled so feel free to give some feedback.

The first essay is an introduction to Theological Interpretation I wrote in 2009 (3600 words). It puts forward a particular perspective on author, text, and reader that forms a framework for specifically theological interpretation.

The second is a research paper I wrote in 2005 as part of my degree. It is entitled Reading Scripture Afresh: Story and the Christian Faith. (7000 words). Here is the abstract:

In this paper I offer an explorative suggestion to the question of what should we use the bible for and how should we do so?  I propose that the question needs to be asked afresh due to the short falls and problems with contemporary readings and uses of the Bible that begin with the assumption of “biblical authority”. I argue that our use of the Bible must cohere both with its literary character and the nature of the faith that it presents. At the heart of this faith is a coherent story that the scriptures tell. This story is both grand in scope—stretching from the creation of all things to their renewal—and particular in focus—recording the history of God and his people as he outworks his purposes through them. This over-arching story is the frame within which all biblical documents are contextualized, giving the Bible a ‘narrative shape’ and pointing towards its function. We are to make the Bible’s over-arching story the ‘controlling story’ within our worldview, and from our place within this story, creatively appropriate the scriptures according to their context within the story.