Recommended Read – Subjectivity and Objectivity

What does it mean to look at something “objectively”? Is such a thing possible or are all our beliefs inescapably “subjective”?¬†I recommend reading this brief post by Jonothan Bernier on Subjectivity and Objectivity where he outlines the relationship between these two concepts within Bernard Lonergan’s critical realism.

The final two paragraphs are beautifully articulated. Here’s a taste…

Opting against one’s preferences vis-√†-vis the matter of truth is the hallmark of objectivity, and since people demonstrably do this there is demonstrably objectivity in this world. That is not to say of course that when someone judges that the truth is congruent with her or his preference that she or he is not operating objectively; it is simply to state where objectivity is more clearly evident. The objective subject is one who knows how to discover truth and sets out to do so.