Explaining “theology”

I spend most of my time around people with little or no church background, and often find myself having to explain what “theology” is about. So some time ago I decided to sit down and come up with an explanation of theology. I hope its helpful.

The word “theology” means ‘the study of God’: ‘theos’ being God and ‘ology’ the study of. But Christian theology is not the  ‘study of God’ in a philosophic or speculative sense, and its not the study of what Christians have traditionally believed either. In the Christian faith GOD has made himself  known through what he has done in this world in history in the events and people recorded in the Bible, most of all Jesus.

It is our claim and the claim of those who produced the writings in the Bible, that the events and people they speak of are actual events and people from the past, and their testimony is truly accurate and reliable. Christian theology is about reality, the reality of GOD, known through the testimony communicated in the Bible.

Helpful? Im not sure, I guess i’ll find out. I would greatly appreciate any of your own wisdom on how to explain theology. And in case you were wondering, Im aware that “historical theology” is about what Christians have believed, but like any explanation mine is partial and serves its purpose (I hope).


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